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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Et tu, DiFi?

It is almost automatic before you read the results. The latest poll will show the public trusts Romney more on the economy than it does Obama but on foreign policy Obama dominates. One aside; the Bain Capital attacks by Obama seems to have the unwanted result of dragging his own personal favorability down. The Romney campaign is loath to engage Obama on foreign policy, not that Obama is such a sterling success but rather it's hard to attack from the right without sounding like a war monger. The whole country knows, but is too war weary to care, that Obama's decision to draw down troops in Afghanistan during the fighting season is a strategic blunder but promising to ramp back up after the election won't win Romney points from anyone. A call for more aggressive action in Iran won't win votes either. Egypt and Syria will be long term problems for a generation maybe but any American president will simply react to the circumstances on an ad hoc basis until more is known about the new governments. Romney would like to more critical on foreign policy but there was no opening until yesterday.
Yesterday Senator Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein bought Romney Christmas in July. She has tried to qualify her original remarks but the damage is done. There is probably not a more credible voice on national security in the Democratic Party than DiFi. The recent national security leaks are reprehensible, treasonous, and illegal and they came from the White House. The nation's security has been compromised for political gain and it's doubtful the public will be all that understanding. DiFi is a big girl. She has been in politics most of her adult life and a Senator since 1992. She full well knew the political implications of what she was saying. She also knew nothing she says later will make her statement go away. Whether driven by patriotism and a sense of duty or a particularly nasty strain of realpolitik she drove another nail in Obama's coffin.

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