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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nuts: Dem meme: raise the minimum wage

  The latest meme among leftists is that the minimum wage is way too low. Regardless of the facts which indicate that the higher the minimum wage, the more destructive to the economy.
  This email is going out from the SEIU to engender support for the OWS effort:
This summer, people from across the country are rising up to send a message: The 99% need a raise.You and I are among the millions who have called on Congress to create good jobs, marched with thousands who came to Washington, DC last winter, and joined with shareholders this spring to demand that tax-dodging corporations pay their fair share.
And now we're taking our next step. Together with organizations like the National Employment Law Project, CREDO, and Moms Rising, the 99% are uniting to tell Congress it's time to raise the federal minimum wage.Join with us for our Rise Up Summer, and together we can put more money in the hands of the 99%: more money into the pockets of ordinary Americans would give a much-needed boost to our economy. Small businesses would grow and hire, and we'd put the 99% back to work.

  • The minimum wage can't support our families: 
  • The current federal minimum wage—at $7.25 an hour—amounts to only $15,080 a year. That's almost $9,000 below the federal poverty line for a family of four.
  • We get $7.25. They get 725%:
  •  The federal minimum wage hasn't kept up with inflation, but CEO pay has risen 725% over the last 30 years.
  • We’ve got some catching up to do:
  •  If the federal minimum wage had kept up with inflation over the past 40 years, it would currently be at $10.55.
People who work for a living should be able to live off of their wages. Real legislation is being discussed right now, and it's up to us to show that there is a wealth of support for raising the minimum wage and increasing the spending power for working Americans.
Sign this petition at 99 Uniting. Together, we'll deliver them to our country's elected officials on July 24th: summer, we can work to close the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us. I hope you'll join us.
In solidarity,

Mary Kay Henry
President, S
  As Hoosierman blogged, the SEIU is willing to do anything, anything that even compromises the health and welfare of helpless patients, to get what they want, which is usually more money and control over people's lives. 
  So the campaign for a higher minimum wage has begun, which means that 200 protesters including nurses showed up at a Romney event at Dunkin' Doughnuts, which is owned by Bain.
  Even Jesse Jackson, Jr., before his breakdown, jumped this wagon train, demanding a rise to at least $10 with a bill, saying they're working toward $20 an hour, though that would "surpass" the expectations. Of course, the point of that question was to make the point that, once you start raising the wage, where should you stop?
  The anti-conservative Left Wing movement in this country is out of control and living in a state of cognitive dissonance.
  • The minimum wage is not meant for a 4 person family to live on, just as welfare is not meant to provide a comfortable lifestyle. 
  • Raising the minimum wage will raise everyone's wages. Now is not the time. Small businesses cannot afford to stay open and raise people's raises in this economy.
  • Raising the minimum wage means fewer jobs; this is a matter of logic. If you own a small business and you have a specific amount of money allocated for hiring people, the more you pay one individual in entry level jobs, the less funding there will be for other jobs.
  • Where do you stop? Congress knows very little about creating and maintaining real jobs, considering what they do for a living, and most of the regulations and bills they put forward do nothing except create more chaos, red tape and restrict commerce.
  Who in their right mind thinks a wage increase of almost 40% would be good in this economy?

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