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Friday, July 20, 2012

ABC smears Tea Party

  Here we go again.
  With no information, a MSM organization has smeared the Tea Party in a report hopeful that at last a Tea Partier has gone bonkers and done something akin to the Occupiers.
  ABC News, George Stephanopolous and Brian Ross have suggested that "a Jim Holmes" signed up on the Colorado Tea Party site who is hosting Brigitte Gabriel, anti-Islamist Freedom Fighter, next week may have taken time out from his busy schedule to slaughter innocent people in a theater.
  Of course, the alleged murderer James Holmes is 24 years old.
  Stephanopolous "cautions" that "we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes" but, of course, WHY NOT BRING IT UP?
  This is news?
  Because the name JIM HOLMES is so UNIQUE, right, that the one who's in his FIFTIES MIGHT BE the SHOOTER, EH?
  In fact, there are TWENTY FIVE people named JAMES HOLMES who live in Aurora, Colorado, so why, I wonder, would you finger the Tea Party one as guilty?
  Why even bring it up?
  And we don't even know the origin city for the alleged murderer yet, do we?
  Yet these two bimbos with the blow dried hair feel free to gleefully make accusations that have nothing to do with reality.
  Rush is being blamed too. What? No Sarah Palin?
  Or how about the guy who said, "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun!"
  Or the one who said, "Get in their faces!" if people don't agree with your Obamabotic mindset.
  I won't mention that these nut cases invariably turn out to be lefties.
  I won't do that because I don't want to rush to judgment.
  But then, I'm not a paid professional journalist.


  1. All those who keep saying gun control would have solved this because he wouldnt have been able to buy a gun at the corner store need to shut up. Guess what else you cant buy at the corner store....A BOMB!!!!! He had one of those too. Gun control will ONLY put guns in the hands of criminals.

  2. all should file FCC complaint over ABC wreckless handling of this issue and putting a man who had nothing to do with this issue in the crosshairs a nuttly left wing killers.

  3. Some complaint should be filed SOMEWHERE but my feeling is they'll just go, "Meh," and move on. No sense of conscience or guilt.

    And, Rahul, you're absolutely right. Those cities in which there's the strictest gun control are the WORST as far as assaults and attacks. DC? Peh. Gun control is for those who respect the law, not those who don't.