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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twitter Caves to NBC

I have my problems with Google, but Google had the fortitude to stand up to China, to take its losses and leave with its principles intact. Twitter had its defining moment too and it failed miserably. Demonstrating a subservience almost on a level with an Obama bow, Twitter caved to, of all institutions NBC.
Guy Adams writes for a British newspaper from Los Angeles. He has written scathing reviews of NBC's coverage of the Olympics.
At the centre of controversy was NBC’s attempt to leverage maximum revenue from the Games, for which they paid almost a billion dollars, by foregoing live coverage of high-profile events. Instead, it intends to footage on time-delay during evening prime time, when brands will pay a premium to advertise.[...]
Even when they do find live sport, NBC viewers must suffer some of the most invasive advertising in the history of television: roughly 20 minutes during each hour is taken up by commercial breaks.
Critics have also rounded on the quality of NBC’s commentary, which has been riddled with basic factual errors. They ranged from a cycling host’s allegation that the Surrey countryside is full of “chateaus” to a map on NBC’s website which describes Australia as “located in central Europe, bordered to the north by Germany and the Czech Republic, [and] to the west by Switzerland.

When Adams took to Twitter to expand on his rant NBC complained to Twitter and Twitter dutifully suspended his account. A true profile in courage!

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