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Friday, July 20, 2012

GSA Does it Again

Does anyone still believe that the US government, as it now exist, is manageable?

This is the same GSA whose officials in Western states went on taxpayer-financed junkets to Hawaii, South Pacific Islands and California’s Napa Valley and Palm Springs, where they stayed at resort hotels and threw lavish parties. The loudest outcry was over a 2010 Las Vegas conference, which featured a clown, mind reader and a rap video making fun of the excessive spending. That event cost the taxpayers $823,000. The latest exhibit of our dysfunctional government happened November 17, 2010 and at only $268,000 was a real bargain for the taxpayers. Cost were driven up by the $20,000 the corruptocrats pissed away on drumsticks and $41,735 for travel for 49 employees who must have been flown in from the hinterlands for the awards ceremony. "when we really listen to each other, keep integrity, accountability, to that bass beat". I hope to God the next Congress abolishes this agency and turns its duties over to private real estate management companies..

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