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Friday, July 20, 2012

He didn't say that. Someone else made that happen.

Good luck with this. Incredibly the Obama campaign is denying that Obama said "You didn't build that" during his now famous speech at that Roanoke firehouse. How quickly "you didn't build that" has turned to "didn't say that". At first Obama's defenders claimed the clip was taken out of context and at the very worse Obama was guilty of sloppy syntax. What Obama really meant to say was "you didn't build the roads and bridges" as if a large part of the population was laboring under the false notion that Steve Jobs built the Golden Gate Bridge. No, the context of the speech was the mocking of individual achievement. "You" didn't succeed because "you" were smart; "you" didn't succeed because "you" worked hard because someone else built the road to "your" business.
If at first the public believed that the composite character Julia, where government does everything for a sorry, dependant, mope but brush her teeth, was just liberal rhetorical excess it can be forgiven but in the larger context of the Roanoke speech Julia is the ideal, a sort of welfare state ubermensch. In the clip below Romney reads verbatim from Obama's speech then snarky text  tells the viewer that Obama didn't say that, then incredibly the clip shows Obama saying just that. Maybe someone else made that happen. As I said, good luck with this.

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  1. "You didn't build that",""Someone built the roads"We were helped along the way.. Yes we Owe it All to the government.. well, trust me ..if you make any money "YOU OWE IT ALL"
    I just don't get it. You mean the Government actually built or helped us along the way? Like "they" built a road... where did they get the money to do this? Did they have a bake sale? Or, perhaps they just helped us like the did GM. Just a loan... they have money to loan to us.. and all is well.
    Well I have attached what the Government does for us. listed below I have an actual email I received from GM back in 2008. So you see what happens when we take what happens when we accept the "help" of the government. We become what they are.."takers"not givers, and we actually believe the government is helping us... but someone is paying for all of this.SO WE DID BUILD THIS AFTER ALL. (and paid for it... MR President, quit taking credit for what others do... this isn't a Nobel Peace prize.

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