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Sunday, July 29, 2012

George Obama: OMG We Elected the Wrong Brother!

After watching the above video I began to think America elected the wrong brother. Until viewing this clip I had though of George Obama as more or less the stereotype most of us have, which I suppose was developed from reading too many National Geographic magazines during our formative years. He lived in a tiny hut ergo he was impoverished and probably illiterate. The video was taken from  Dinesh D’Souza's upcoming film 2016: Obama’s America.
George Obama, at least in this short clip, has a beguiling charm. There is no bitterness toward colonial Britain or toward his brother. No help needed from his brother, he's a man who can take care of himself. Thank you. This Obama has upset the left and probably his family with the remark " The whites should have stayed in Africa longer." Not exactly the tone we get from Dreams From My Father written by a less pragmatic member of the family.
From a blog that claims to offer "Unflinching conservatism powered by true Christianity" that toes the liberal line we get this unbiased assessment.
George Obama’s comments in the above video demonstrate that colonialism was much more than merely an economic enterprise. It was inarguably a system of cerebral slavery in which Africans were led to believe the lie that white people are intellectually superior to all races, and that blacks are subhuman primitives who are entirely dependent on the benevolent white race to be anything more than jungle-dwelling simians. Many Africans—both those born pre-and post-colonialism—have been indoctrinated into thinking like George Obama.
Right on! And everyone from Sandra Fluke to Chris Hayes has been indoctrinated into thinking like Barack Obama. 2016 has opened in one theater in Houston. It will soon be released nationally and may change the way many American think about George Barack Obama
Update: I have been advised that this video does not load in all browsers. If it does not load you can view it here.

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