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Monday, July 30, 2012

Romney was right: how prepared does THIS look?

  So Romney was widely mocked as being inappropriate for observing that perhaps the Brits weren't quite ready for their big Olympics moment. He's already been proven right.
  Any time you have a situation where 2 guys show up as security when 1000 were supposed to and ONE of those guys has to be fired for being high, you have a serious problem. One hopes that is the last we'll hear about security. 
  But now scandalously we hear that thousands of seats have gone empty; great caverns of peopleless auditoriums have been pictured. Thus Olympic officials, to retrieve their dignity and make Romney appear inaccurate, have had to import teachers and soldiers to fill the seats.
  As Rush reported today, he was denied seats 6 months ago to swimming events; the seats were all filled, he was told. Nobody, NOBODY could get tickets.
  From the gossipy Daily Mail, we see the embarrassing truth:

Offhand, I'd say Romney had a point.

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