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Sunday, July 22, 2012

First, we'll come for the schools...

  FNC had a report recently about a mosque in Tennessee that a judge has ordered must be allowed to open. News of this mosque has been around before, but after two years of lawsuits and arguing the case has been resolved as the mosque moves forward.
  Once again much of the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing is swathed in secrecy. 
  Mysterious money emerges from nowhere to support the secret deal, which often involves educational Islamic institutions. Doors are closed to the public; the sale is done against citizen concerns, which are mocked as Islamophobic for any criticism.
  Why, Global Infidel wants to know, is such a huge mosque--53,000 square feet--necessary for the 200 or 300 Muslims in this county?
  In addition, critics contend that connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are at the root of many of the materials presented by the local Tennessee Muslim group, which is intent on changing the curriculum and policies of the schools:
The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic organization in the world. Its most famous slogan, used worldwide, is "Islam is the solution." As Islamic scholar, Robert Spencer points out repeatedly, in many of his public talks and books, the Muslim Brotherhood is the direct forefather of both Hamas and Al Qaeda. This organization does not go by “The Muslim Brotherhood” in America. But perhaps you may have heard of some of its front groups: Muslim Student Association, Muslim American Society, Islamic Society of North America, Islamic Circle of North America, North American Islamic Trust, International Institute of Islamic Thought, and several others.
In Michigan, a similarly strange incident has taken place in which an elementary school was sold under mysterious and possibly illegal circumstances, in this case, to a group that has ties to a terrorist organization and which plans to convert it into an Islamic school:
The ICA, based in Franklin, Michigan, was founded in the 1980s. Its mission statement states that its foremost goal is to “Disseminate Islam and its principles, values, and teachings.”
  The sale of this school was protested strongly by local residents; apparently the school board had predetermined, regardless of other interested buyers, who would be allowed to purchase the building. In fact, one of the board members received campaign cash over the legal limit from a person outside the district:
While the District repeatedly rebuffed parties interested in purchasing the vacant elementary school telling them it was not for sale, FPS was exclusively negotiating behind closed doors in apparent violation of the Open Meetings Act, for many months with their favored buyer, the Islamic Cultural Association. 
Not only did FPS conceal its dealings from the public, it apparently misrepresented the status of the property to municipal officials from Farmington and Farmington Hills. On May 3, 2011, less than three weeks before it would publicly announce the Islamic Cultural Association’s offer to purchase Eagle Elementary, in a joint meeting with Farmington and Farmington Hills City Councils, FPS represented that Eagle was slated for demolition.
  Why the secrecy? Where does the money originate?  Don't citizens have a right to know what goes on in local schools?
  Years ago (like over 20), PBS ran a special about the madrassas, the schools in which young terrorists are trained and indoctrinated to become violent killers. It was remarkable in its explicit detail of the possibility of thousands of young boys being trained to violently hate the West and to use their own bodies to destroy the lives of others. This was long before we had the problem we have now of suicide bombers and the desire for the complete destruction of the West. It was chilling, prescient and yet still unbelievable.
  In a more recent program (2001)  entitled "Saudi Time Bomb," PBS (of all places) explored the impact of the madrassas on the world:

What you're saying is that, if we wanted to look for the causes of what's happened -- Al Qaeda and the movement worldwide -- we would have to look to the schools, to the educational system which Saudi Arabia has fostered in the Islamic world? 
... In order to have terrorists, in order to have supporters for terrorists, in order to have people who are willing to interpret religion in violent ways, in order to have people who are willing to legitimate crashing yourself into a building and killing 5,000 innocent people, you need particular interpretations of Islam. 
Those interpretations of Islam are being propagated out of schools that receive organizational and financial funding from Saudi Arabia. In fact, I would push it further: that these schools would not have existed without Saudi funding. They would not have proliferated across Pakistan and India and Afghanistan without Saudi funding. They would not have had the kind of prowess that they have without Saudi funding, and they would not have trained as many people without Saudi funding.
  So you begin with the schools and you work your way into the rest of the culture, making sure you have a little army built along the way to rise up when needed.
  This is, indeed, a time bomb. 

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