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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eva Longoria's bizarre F & F appearance for Lay's

  Ok, the *stars* can do whatever they want, right? 
  We'll pay for them to appear in their shows, preen on the red carpet after hours and days of pampering, skin treatments of all kinds, purging, whatever.
  This morning Eva Longoria made an appearance on Fox & Friends touting her role a Obama's representative and bundler. 
  Longoria is the one who said if you're a woman, there's no way you can vote Republican and that Romney is on the wrong side of every issue for Latinos ( the "t" in Latinos pronounced like a d).
  Wearing the shortest skirt/bottom/shorts ever seen on a morning tv show, Longoria's interview with Steve Doocy was awkward. Was there contempt for the Fox's audience? That skirt was a poor choice for more than one reason, revealing either a really bad bruise or cellulite. Either way, it seemed like a bad decision to show off on television.
  Here's the really dumb thing: she was REALLY there representing Lay's Potato Chips.
  Is that the latest approach to selling a product? 
  Have your celebrity rep go on tv to hawk your product and talk about being a liberal Democrat?
  Celebrity endorsements are one thing.
  Mixing politics into that endorsement is a turnoff to the consumer.

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