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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walking The Gay Marriage Platform Plank

Senators Claire McCaskill and Joe Manchin can run from Obama but now that won't be enough. Now they must also run from their party. Both of the Senators have announced they will not be attending the Democratic convention, figuring that Obama is too unpopular in their respective states to come within shouting distance. Unfortunately for them, the platform committee is about to make it much more difficult to be seen with the rest of their party. The proposed gay marriage plank in the Democratic Party platform may play alright in San Francisco but it won't play in Wheeling or Jefferson City.
The National Democratic Party in the past had the good sense not to make broad proposals that jeopardized local party careers. Now they cite polling data that tells them that 65% of Democrats favor gay marriage. Duh! Do the math. Thirty-five percent of Democrats are not onboard nor are 40% of independents and the number of Republicans supporting gay marriage wouldn't fill a Chick-fil-a dining room. Yes, in many parts of the country voters will be distracted from thinking about Obama's stinking and sinking economy but this plank is like distracting a migraine sufferer with a root canal. Clever! Take a contentious issue that has been smoldering in the public subconscious and put it front and center in a close election, add HHS contraceptive mandates and gently stir in amnesty for illegals and you have a sure fire recipe for disaster.

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