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Friday, July 13, 2012

Obama Effect: quit your job and borrow money!!

  So everyone's clucking about the propagandist film The Obama Effect opening today to great derision, hootin,' hollering', and catcalls from the conservative (and not so conservative) blogosphere
  Here's the trailer. The remarks under the trailer on YouTube are amusing, suggesting that the timing on this wasn't so great and observing that there's a moment when an actor pulls a photo of a slave's scarred back from under the photo of Obama.
  In fact, the lyrics of the theme called "Is that you, God? include lots of moaning about suffering and "when we came here as slaves," not that there's anything wrong with that.
   It really, really is a terrible looking movie, complete with the Obamabot moonbeam face on the part of the actor who's inspired to guess what?
  Quit his job! Give up his paycheck! He's found something more motivating than mere money!
  The wife doesn't think too highly of this, asks him what he's going to do for money, to which he responds, "I figured I'd ask your nephew for a loan."
  Oh, yeah!
  That's the Obama Effect, alright, alright!
  Apparently the borrowed money isn't a problem since the Obamabot buys all kinds of Obama crap, wearing it all over town and putting it alllllll over his house.
  Personally I think the Obamabot Effect can be summed up by looking at the goofy face, the blank eyes, the "I finally have a purpose for my life other than work" look on Charles Dutton's face here:
  Actually The Blaze really breaks it down for ya, in case you weren't clear that this is an Obama campaign commercial that hates Republicans. Go read it. You'll laugh.
  Unless, of course, you're suffering from.....

  Anddddd it's from a book...
  You'll also note that it's a REPUBLICAN in office that causes the dude's heart attack.
  And, har, har, har, like the ladies in the beauty salon NEEDED to be convinced to vote for Obama. And the nephew. And the neighbor.
  Like anybody would put an UNDECIDED sign on their house, especially next to an Obamabot.

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