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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Does Nikki Haley Scare Democrats?

South Carolina Democrats are fuming at Governor Nikki Haley. The governor, pledging to cut waste from the state budget, has issued an astonishing 81 vetoes. Unfortunately for the citizens of South Carolina the Rino controlled state Senate has allowed all but 30 of the budget cuts to be overridden. The governor has cut funding for teachers' pay raises, an arts commission, and non-profit rape crisis centers, unartfully calling the rape crisis centers special interests. Normally mundane state budget debates don't merit national attention but the Huffington Post has at least two posts critical of the governor's budget. They are afraid of her!
In the manner Democrats drove Sarah Palin from office they have filed meritless ethics complaints against Haley. The combined legal costs from a two-day hearing was $111,010.60 – $61,010.60 for attorneys hired by the House of Representatives and $50,000 for the governor. The hearing failed to produce any charges and Haley paid her legal fees from her campaign funds. They are afraid of her!
Now, the party of cerebral Alvin Greene has found a new scandal. Haley's 14 year old daughter has a part time, $8 per hour job in the state tourism gift shop and there are allegations that the governor pulled strings to get her that job. Say it ain' t so! What has happened to the Palmetto State? Nepotism at the highest levels! So blatant was this last alleged breach of ethics that a nonpartisan public interest group that hires only washed up Democrats, the Washington based Campaign Legal Center felt compelled to opine on Haley's low ethical standards.
“Even these minimum-wage jobs in this economy can be pretty tough to find,” said Meredith McGehee, policy director for the Campaign Legal Center. “While this is probably a small-potatoes case, it creates the appearance of a conflict of interest and strikes me as a politically tone-deaf decision.”
They are afraid her!
Keep in mind when thinking of conflicts of interest, South Carolina was the victim of an interest conflicted NLRB that sought to snuff out thousands of jobs at a new Boeing plant. Now McGehee worries about appearance of a single 14 year old's employment.
Haley seems to thrive on the give and take but the latest attack hit a nerve. “Y’all are not allowed to talk about my children,” Haley told the State, a Columbia newspaper. Fighting with the local media comes easy to Haley. In the past she has been accused of sexism when she referred to a reporter as a little girl."God bless that little girl at the Post and Courier," she remarked in a radio interview.
In a state where the xenophobic Democratic Party Chairman, Dick Harpootlian, publicly worries about governor's family's ties to terrorism, and has referred to the governor as a rag head Haley would seem to have an uncertain future but that same state has given the country a legislative Tea Party trifecta; Senator Jim DeMint and Congressmen Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy. I like Haley's chances.

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  1. Filing stupid lawsuits is what they did to Palin, which is one of the reasons she resigned. It was costing too much to maintain a defense. I hope Haley doesn't do the same thing.

    That Harpootlian is a nutcase. He should keep talkin.'