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Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama's request for cash could not be satisfied!

  Ha. So those of us in the know received an email from **Beyonce Knowles** begging for cash.
  Or not for herself, as she's loaded, but for the beloved one.
  Obama, who just hit the number 185 ( that is **ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE**) for fundraisers after announcing his pursuit of reelection, feels Romney needs to prove  his trip overseas isn't just a "photo op and fundraising tour." 
  Obama, who constantly cries that the Ship of State will be aground if people don't give him more money, has raised more cash than Romney recently but has blown through so much that even the Dems are worried.
  Beyonce ought to know about cash, considering she and Jay Z took over an entire hospital floor for $1.3 when they had their baby, not to mention terrorizing the commoners who had the audacity to have babies the same time they did.
  So Beyonce knows about money! Booyah! Beyonce's other, Jay Z, claimed solidarity with Occupy Wall Street long enough to profit from them.
  Who's to say that some animals are more equal than others?
  Here's the letter:
I want to share a letter I wrote to Michelle Obama.
Watch this video and see why she inspires me every day -- I'm proud that my daughter will grow up in a world where she has people like the First Lady to look up to.
Letter to the First Lady
Join me in adding your name to Women for Obama to support her and President Obama in this election:
  So when you click through (at this writing) presumably to donate, this is the message you get at the website.
ERRORThe request could not be satisfied.
  I'll say! 

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