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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama: MS therapy horse now controversial

  So in keeping with the lamest criticisms ever, like Romney resembles a Batman villain or something, the Dems are trumping the Romneys' MS therapy horse as something inconceivably evil, like flying two planes to Hawaii 4 hours apart on the taxpayer dime is just fine. Like totally in tune with the public will. And suffering. Ooo the suffering of a Hawaii vacation.
  So here's the Romney video, which Naked DC laments as a replacement for Obama's 2008 unicorn. You remember. The one that was supposed to totally turn back the oceans.
  Of course, the media, like the slavering dogs that they are, will immediately pant after the horse, excoriating the abominable Romneys who simply can't understand anything but Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard vacations. 
  Oh wait.
  Well worth the read is a short expose over at Powerline in which Hinderaker details a persuasive presentation Republicans gave to the media regarding small independent businesspersons' trials and protests against Obama's policies, only to have the media personalities pause, ignore the presentation and go, "So what about those Romney tax returns, huh?"
 The Romney campaign puts on a devastating show, and the only thing the Democratic Party reporters are interested in is how they can spin it back to Obama’s talking points. It will be interesting to see whether any word of what actually happened in today’s call will see the light of day in the media-formerly-known-as-mainstream. If you didn’t see it here, would you see it anywhere? I doubt it.
  Oh, and read "worst birthday party invitation ever" which begins with this line: Have you ever gotten to do something so cool you’re almost jealous of yourself? 
  Read it here.
  Yowza. The ego that roared.
  I must say Glenn Beck has been hilarious and right on the money lately. No apocalypse.

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