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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Step away from the Twitterverse. Slowly step away.

  We have mentioned before that we think the left is becoming increasingly unhinged. In many cases, the "unhingement" surfaces on Twitter, where it's easy to quickly post a thought that pops into your head.
  Take, for example, the lovely, talented and lady-like Rosie O'Donnell. 
  Newsbusters has the details of a series of unbelievable tweets O'Donnell unleashed on the Twitterverse. Here's a portion. Text in bold emanates from the fragrant orifices of Ms. O'Donnell:    

"anyone who eats S--t Fil-A deserves to get the cancer that is sure to come from eating antibiotic filled tortured chickens 4Christ".
This came after she told the restaurant chain to suck an appendage she doesn't have:
Suck my dick chick filet- nazi chicken f---ing pricks
This outbreak of hate was retweeted by comedian Joe Rogan, who recently hosted a newfangled version of "Fear Factor" on NBC. Shortly after her get-cancer tweet, she doubled down:
“off to grab a s--it fil-A sandwich on my way to worshipping Christ, supporting Aipac and war in Iran.”
  And these people think YOU'RE an automaton! Just remember! You have to think like they do! 
  You can find the entire series of tweets here.
  Recently Ellen Barkin also got kissy face with the public. Here's what she tweeted:
Gotta go to bed.Work in morning.I love everybody...except u right wing fuckin morons.X
  Smoochy smoochy to you, too, Ms. Barkin, from a hard core Tea Partier. 
  And we're supposed to go to your movies?
  Twitchy's also covering the nightmare in Anaheim, which has gone several days with wildly insane rioting.
  Then those wacky lefties have decided that it's racist that James Holmes isn't dead yet. Or if you think he's mentally ill, you're a racist. Or something like that.
  But liberal nastiness in the face of tragedy is nothing new to the left.
  Of course, by now it's no biggie when a politician blames racism if you support Romney.
  You might have heard about the Tony Robbins fire walking incident in which 21 people walked on coals and badly burned their feet, to great moans and groans. 
  My mother, who admittedly occasionally resorted to cliche to make her point, used to say, "So if they walked off a cliff, would ya FOLLOW 'em?"
  Apparently the whole Obama civility speech was all for naught.
  On Obama, most of all.

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