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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colorado Shooter Linked to Occupy Wall Street, Sort of

I have been reluctant to write this post since I stumbled upon speculation that James Egan Holmes was associated with the black bloc faction of Occupy Wall Street. Permit me to rant on for a paragraph or two before I address the speculation. I have become increasingly vexed at the endless procession of psychiatrists, psychologist and other sundry mental health professional cable news, especially Fox have brought on air to explain the Holmes' action. I don't recall this sort tedious analysis following the Fort Hood massacre. Why? Was it because Major Nidal Hasan was a terrorist and Holmes is only a stressed out mope? Were we served up this smorgasbord of mental health maladies after the Oklahoma City bombing? Why not? We know as much about James Holmes as we did about Timothy McVeigh two days after the bombing. We know nothing about Holmes but already the public led by a lazy media is ready to accept a not guilty by reason of insanity defense. Supposedly Holmes would have exhibited signs that he was losing his grip which should have alerted those around him. Bunk! Jared Lee Loughner was a full blown head case and it showed. He fought with fellow students and was generally regarded as a first rate mishugina. Holmes, on the other hand was a highly functional individual, a psychopath  maybe but never the sort of person that would appear deranged. A raving lunatic such as Loughner could have never constructed an intricate weave of explosives and trip wires as did Holmes. Most psychopath are not violent. They are manipulators, and yes, many of them end up in elective office because they can function well in society.
It was reported early in the story that Holmes' mother showed no surprise when she learned what he had done. Sympathetic journalists noted that she knew he was troubled. Maybe she knew the company he kept and his political philosophy. It is now being reported that the Aurora police are seeking a second person of interest in the case. A third person, a woman may yet be drawn into the investigation. No terrorism here; just three crazy people who run together. I should not have to, but I will at this time, remind readers that the FBI and DOJ have become highly politicized under the present administration to the point that the Fort Hood shooting is labeled workplace violence. Do not expect the whole truth without FOIA requests and possibly congressional investigations if there is anything here that would embarrass the administration.

What, other than the rule of thumb that if the media blames the Tea Party the real culprits lean left, has fed the speculation that links Holmes to OWS? The first clue of those making this case is the gas mask since it is a fashion accessory of the black bloc but it's deeper than that. Holmes targeted the law enforcement officers who would eventually search his apartment. As the Examiner notes;
The “Black Bloc” faction of Occupy has targeted law enforcement in other instances, and three members of the group are facing charges of attempting to kill cops in Chicago. It has become clear the “booby-trapping” of his apartment with trip wires and bombs was intended to kill the most likely next persons to enter that apartment, namely law enforcement. Aurora, Colorado police have state they are angry at knowing they were targeted in this way by the alleged movie theater shooter.
Remember three of these clowns are awaiting trial for attempting to blow a bridge near Cleveland. There is more evidence but it's thin. The fact that Holmes could pluck down several thousand dollars for guns, ammo and gear doesn't mesh very well with the image of a struggling medical school student suggesting that he was financed by someone but even there proving that someone to be OWS is a stretch. To me the fact that Holmes moved from California to Colorado and drove a car with Tennessee license plates suggests it was a borrowed or stolen car but again it doesn't spell Occupy Wall Street. There is photographic evidence where Holmes' picture is matched with an arrested Occupier using facial recognition software with a 96% probability that they are the same person. Again I am skeptical but for readers who want to pursue this further just do a Google search "james holmes black bloc" and more links than can be followed in a day will appear.


  1. There is no "black bloc faction" of Occupy Wall Street. A black bloc is a TACTIC that can be use by anyone. Similar to the police forming a phalanx to confront crowds, protesters may form a black bloc. It's a tactic, nothing more.

    Also, the so called photographic evidence was revealed not to be Holmes. The person who posted that photo and started the rumor has actually apologized to the individual for associating him with Holmes.

    So far there is no credible evidence that James Holmes was involved with Occupy Wall Street. Your article is merely spreading more disinformation. The fact that you're citing the Examiner is laughable. According to their logic, all those rappers who write about killing cops would also be black bloc members.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  2. I ask you this Tyler, IF it come out that he was part of OWS, what will you say then? You liberals have no problem trying to link everything wrong with America to the Tea Party.

  3. Love Lib's. Always anyone's fault but theirs. Always Bush or the Rep's or the Tea Party as their fanatics destroy America.

  4. Tyler, you can claim Black Bloc is a TACTIC, but, I'm sorry, those who participate in such TACTICS are Black Bloc members.

    We have yet to see what happens on the James Holmes connections.