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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics loves govt health care; the truth, not so much

  London chose to celebrate the NHS at the Olympics opener; apparently liberals needed to show off English the pride of free" NHS health care. 
  Some have speculated that this NHS reference was in mockery of Americans' aversion to government administered health care.
  Just google NHS horror stories and you'll begin to see why Americans dread government health care; Obama's people patterned Obamacare after the NHS, declaring that at age 60 when most people begin to need health care, QALY (quality of life analysis) determines that costs will be "contained" by cutbacks on procedures and services for the elderly.
  This is no secret. Those who were celebrating NHS health care apparently have the privilege of receiving adequate medical care. Others have been not so lucky.
  Sure, some people receive free health care and they don't die or walk around for 2 years with an arm that looks like that. They're probably union workers or ACORN playahs.
  This is why we really, really do not want government health care, regardless the foolish and bizarre Olympic opener.

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