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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama: break the social contract, get govt funding

  See the latest Romney ad below everyone's talking about. It's good.
  It is breathtaking arrogance to claim that everyone who's successful owes something to the unions who built the roads to get to work. 
  To the unions who fill the same potholes every two years.
  Adopting the Southern slang, the dropped "g's", the slightly twangy lyricism of the African American community, Barack Obama panders to the gullible.
  He is guilty of intentionally breaking apart the social contract that assures that individuals will abide by laws while still having their own God-given natural rights respected by the state. 
  Indeed, not only abiding by laws, but requiring individuals to actually work for pay, taking responsibility for their own behavior, is also part of the social contract.
  Thus, class resentment and rebellion not only thrive but are encouraged by those who wish to control the populace; that is, the 99%. 
  Democrats might call them (us) the  unwashed masses.
  Liberal control emanates from the seduction of giving away "free stuff" to those who lie supinely on their couches waiting for their government overlords to pass a bill to give them ever more "free stuff," regardless of the mounting debt.
  Regardless of the supremely neglectful attitude toward the futurity of society itself.
  Why should I do anything?
  If our government is working with the Mexican government soliciting Mexicans to join our SNAP/food stamp rolls, why should anyone ever do anything again?
  Why should anyone wait on you at the grocery store?
  Why should anyone service your air conditioner?
  Why should anyone sell you a car?
  The all-knowing government will take care of everything.
  And nothing. 
  I mean, have you BEEN to the Perrysburg Post Office?
  And these people will be in charge of health care?

  So Obama reveals himself to be a socialist or, worse, a Marxist who believes that all are equal, except for him and his own; yet when he is exposed as such, he denies it, claiming that he is "misquoted" by Romney, using the Orwellian method of re-editing the video to revise what he said.
  In the following video, we see revealed the naked motivation for doing anything in the Obama days. 
  It's all about knowing the right people, both Democrat and Republican, tapping into taxpayer dollars for doing nothing.
  Dig a hole, fill it in and earn your government dollars.
  Break the social contract. 
  Breach the walls of the castle.
  Dismantle the dike.
  Throw away the artillery, unprepared for the veritable war to come.
  There are no boundaries in this new Obama world, where no one is obligated to do anything and only government workers have authority.
  Hey, call it a "jobs bill" and as long as you "get the money," things are good! Ha ha! Shovel ready projects! What are you shovelin', anyway? Bullshit??? Haha!
  No one cares! Haha!
  "You just take the dirt, dig a hole...."and put it back!

  It's remarkable that anyone, anyone thinks that this man deserves reelection.
  He has encouraged this aberrant behavior.
  He has encouraged the illegal activity.
  He has encouraged an unprecedented lawlessness, exemplified particularly in his own "Executive Orders" that supersede constitutional authority.

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