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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg's Obamacare Preview

Eventually the country will come to its senses; maybe not in our lifetimes but eventually. How will a detached and objective historian view Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He will probably come off better than Hitler or a pre Civil War slave trader but I'll wager his historical denouement will be hideous. The very idea that a mother would be forced to endure a lecture on breast feeding each time her child needed nourishment is positively totalitarian. Which is worse? The policy or the way the policy was implemented? There was no public discussion, no vote before the City Council just the dictatorial whim of a Napoleonic autocrat.
Yes, there are too many fat people in New York and I do not concede that that fact is any of his Honor's business and I don't want to hear what a forward looking, compassionate, caring despot he is. Even New Yorkers should be able to understand that the end does not justify the means. I want healthy children therefore I will hold them hostage until their mothers hear all the clever things I want them to hear. Free needles, condoms, and HIV screenings but lock up the baby formula.
And how long will Obamacare exist until the elderly are forced to hear what a burden they are to their families. Their families really need that money or they won't be able to pay their taxes and we wouldn't want that. When will gunshot victims be forced to listen to this cretin's ideas on gun control before they can get an IV drip. Will injured workers be forced to read OSHA bulletins and endure the insightful thinking of Hilda Solis before surgery.
Does anyone doubt that Obamacare will have death panels?

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