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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NAACP gives Romney standing ovation!

  Oh, I know what you've heard.
  You've heard that the NAACP booed Romney.
  And indeed they did. It's loud and sustained for 15 seconds.
  Perhaps you didn't know, however, that they were a particularly demonstrative crowd given to loud reaction.
  Did you know they applaud traditional marriage?
  Did you know they applauded support for the Keystone Pipeline?
  Did you know they applauded their support for charter schools?
  Did you know that when he finished they gave him a STANDING OVATION?
  Of course you didn't know this, if you've just been following the MSM's coverage.
  Those who were there know what really happened, as we see the press quickly turning into Pravda.
  Geraghty says Romney received more applause than Obama did last year. Certainly he received more than Obama this year, since Obama isn't going.
  Of course, ABC sees Romney's very appearance there a "crossing the line."
  Twitchy has a roundup.
  I'm ecstatic Romney chose to go there. Rush said today that if only 5% of Black Americans switch to Romney, it could swing the election. He also mentioned interviewing Artur Davis, who has recently become a Republican and is as conservative as the rest of us Tea Partiers.
   The problem is that we all have McCain paranoia. 
  We hope we're beginning to see Romney's aggressive pursuit of winning the prize, knowing what's at stake and unafraid of speaking the truth.
  That is what Romney did today. He walked into the lions' den of traditional Democrat voters and spoke the truth. He didn't do the milquetoast avoidance of conflict that made McCain so infamous.
  Rock on, Romney.

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