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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obamacare's downfall?

  Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard has written extensively about probabilities concerning elections. He's a pretty good statistician regarding outcomes of elections. He writes now that Obamacare has some pretty significant flaws that make it unlikely to succeed in the long run because of the way Democrats structured it. Though they were trying to make it resemble Social Security and Medicare, they didn't understand that you can't pit classes of people against one another the way Obamacare does and expect a program to survive.
Indeed, the apparatus may already be collapsing, thanks to the Supreme Court. The basic design of Obamacare was to increase coverage by 30 million people – with half of the newly insured getting coverage through Medicaid and the other half getting insurance through the exchanges. But last week the Supreme Court gave states the right to opt out of the new Medicaid program. Many of those who would have been eligible for Medicaid will now enter the insurance exchanges, and be eligible for generous subsidies. 
This is a problem for the bill’s advocates, who promised that it would reduce the deficit; the insurance subsidies are more generous than Medicaid, meaning the price tag is going up. And there will besecond-order effects. The law mandates a cap on exchange subsidies of 0.5 percent of GDP after 2018. If the Medicaid expansion collapses, and the exchanges pick up the slack, then we’re going to hit that cap much sooner than anybody anticipated.
  Cost lists the groups that are pitted against one another and other reasons why Obamacare is such a nightmare that may indeed already be collapsing.
  Considering that Obama's favorites goblins are "the millionaires and billionaires" he so loves to excoriate, it's really remarkable that his administration is now trying to pin the class warfare on Republicans, aka "The Stupid Party."
  Jarrett (and Obama) claims that Fox News is responsible for the class warfare that is dividing and destroying our culture. 
  Apparently she doesn't listen to her own (personal) president speak, such as when he mocks Christians as bitter clingers, or those who are successful and/or wealthy as not paying their "fair share," or Republicans as being responsible for the bad economy because they won't "work with" Obama, even though he simply circumvents the law and Congress every chance he gets. 
  Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ had an excellent article about Obama's disregard fort he rule of law and the division of powers the other day entitled "The Imperial Presidency." Here's an excerpt:
And it has been much the same in his dealings with the states. Don't like Arizona's plans to check immigration status? Sue. Don't like state efforts to clean up their voter rolls? Invoke the Voting Rights Act. Don't like state authority over fracking? Elbow in with new and imagined federal authority, via federal water or land laws.

In so many situations, Mr. Obama's stated rationale for action has been the same: We tried working with Congress but it didn't pan out—so we did what we had to do. This is not only admission that the president has subverted the legislative branch, but a revealing insight into Mr. Obama's view of his own importance and authority. 
  R. Emmett Tyrell, former editor of the American Spectator, says liberals are hanging themselves and suggests SCOTUS's ruling wasn't all bad for conservatives, particularly because the court can no longer be seen as partisan but mostly because the commerce clause has been reined in significantly. Though conservatives protest that it is now possible that Congress can make us buy anything, Tyrell claims that is highly unlikely because of the votes required to do so. 
  Indeed, the Obama era ushered in the perfect storm when Democrats could not control their greed and power hunger when they attained control of both Congress and the presidency.
  Perhaps that greed and hunger will prove to be their downfall, as the whole thing falls apart.
  The Democrat party passed this monstrosity. They can run all the sobby children's ads they want promoting its use, but as health care premiums rise, as it becomes more difficult to get health services and even access to doctors as the system is flooded with users like this one, everyone will know exactly who to blame.

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