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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Truthland Refutes Gasland

Shelly Depue is a mother, a grandmother, a science teacher, farm wife and now a documentary producer. The family farm in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania has been in the family since the 1890's and sits atop the Marcellus Shale. Just as gas was discovered on the family farm the HBO film, Gasland, was released which gave the family pause. Loaded phrases such as "flammable faucets" and "top secret chemicals" in Gasland are intended to make the movie interesting and dare I say promote a jaundiced view of America's great new hope. In the film Shelly can be seen collecting gas with a bell jar from a clear stream where gas has for as long as anyone knows bubbled through the rocks.

The cost of producing the film was funded by the Independent Petroleum Association of America and Energy in Depth Neither Shelly nor any of the experts were compensated for their participation. The entire film, which is about 35 minutes in length can be viewed here at the Truthland web site. Below is a short 5 minute trailer.

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