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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tom Smith, Yes He Can

Pennsylvania senatorial candidate Tom Smith looks much better today than when I posted the Tom Smith is Down But Not Out piece. At that time Smith was down 21 points in the Franklin & Marshall Poll which was worse than he polled in the Democratic friendly PPP poll. He has polled as close as minus 7 in the poll I trust most, the Rasmussen Poll. Bob Casey looks formidable but so did Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter. Notice in no poll taken has Casey been above 50 % which should be indicative of the trust Pennsylvania voters have in a man they have known for 6 years. The 2012 election, like the 2010 election, will be a referendum on Obamacare. The Gallup poll finding that only 6 percent of the population rates Obamacare as their top election issue is misleading. The only two places Obamacare has been on the ballot, in Missouri and Ohio, it has gone down in flames. Casey has hitched his horse to the Obama wagon and unless he can pull the pin dramatically he'll follow Obama into the land of washed up liberals.

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  1. Remember ACORN do you have kids i do.Casey got to go