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Monday, July 9, 2012

Obamabots' campaign tactic: STALKING

  We've commented now and then that liberals and Democrats seem to be circling the toilet bowl when it comes to ideas, dignity, running on principle and ideas... 
  Speaking of creepy, the latest thing in losers trying to win political points is taking cameras and recording Republican politicians' homes, including their family members. Wives. Children. Parents.
  Like hiding in the family shrubs like those vermin from Gawker. Filming from the bushes.
  It's bad enough when you and your Obamabot honey try to crash a Romney money raiser by sailing uninvited across the private pond in the Hamptons to the event.  Sure, you're upset that 25% of the fundraisers at the Romney event are former Obamabots, but smashing into the police boat that's chasing you? Then swimming to shore in a vainglorious attempt to escape?
  And it's pretty bad when Dem acolytes cut the alternator belt on the Romney bus. I mean, seriously? How many ways can you spell L-O-S-E-R.
  Claiming you're pleased the country is going in the right direction is pretty bad, too, when you're in a state that has 9.4% unemployment.
  But after touting your great jobs record, to say that the tax cuts were responsible for the "slowest job growth" in 50 years might be, how you say, somewhat contradictory?
  Which is it? a great jobs record or slowest job growth?
  And when a team starts winning and you gush that's it's you're favorite team, that might be seen as poor sportsmanship.
  Or it could worry the team that the Obama curse was now in effect.
  Like even Oprah wasn't immune.
  Say, having your chief demand Romney release all his tax records in the most secretive, obtuse, subversive administration when she won't release her own seems a bit, how you say, hypocritical...
  These are all symptoms of dopes living in Loserville.
  Or maybe just Obamabots whose only direction from Dear Leader is to bring a gun if they bring a knife to a fight.
  You'll recall that stalking is an Obama technique, one that he employed with his ACORN/SEIU goons when he was pressuring bankers and denouncing their "greed."
  His campaign is stalking the children of Romney donors. 
  Bloggers have complained of these very tactics, including several who have been SWATted when writing about the background and activities of criminal (no, really) liberal operatives.
  Politico sort of laughs at Republicans' protests, entitling their article GOP unnerved by Democrats' candid camera techniques.
  Get it? Haha. Candid camera.
  This from the website that worried the Obamas would be upset by any attention drawn to the Obama daughters.
  But back to the stalking.
  This is apparently conceived, hatched and approved by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Given the "civility" discussion these people preached after the Gabby Giffords' murder attempt, and given all the nut bags in the world, ala the Occupy crowd, it's absolutely disgusting and beneath contempt to encourage this kind of behavior. Someone's going to get hurt.
  Then what will happen. A huge televised memorial with Dems eulogizing the Republican's son they got murdered? Hardly likely. Instead, the incident will be covered it, dismissed, as if, well, they deserved it for being so "contrary" and in politics.
  Really, these things have to stop.
  Here's video of two Republicans who've reported the stalkers are harassing their families and posting the video online.
  We knew this campaign would be ugly, but that this is being run by the President of the  United States is not something we usually know while it's happening.
  Usually we have to wait for the impeachment.

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