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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Romney's adaptable, even against Chicago thuggery

  In the post below, Hoosierman posits the belief that Romney is just at the beginning of his run.
  He went through a bruising primary fight, contrary to his opponent. He's just beginning to weed out who works and who doesn't with regard to staffers. He has yet to really formulate who he is on the campaign trail. 
  Let's face it. He seems sort of bland to the colorful among us. 
  He is being blasted by conservative pundits for running, at this point, primarily on the economy, which stinks so badly. Other pundits say if he runs on that, he wins.
  He certainly wasn't the favorite of those of us who liked the pugnacity of Newt, the business acumen of Cain and the laconic leadership of Perry.
  Here's something I haven't seen discussed yet in the punditry, et al.
  Romney's wealthy because he's good at running businesses, reworking what doesn't work economically and developing a strategy that makes money for whatever organization he runs, including the Olympics.
  What is at the core of such a background?
  Winning. It's about winning, not to sound like a loser who needs to go into rehab.
  What's at the core of winning?
  Winners surmise the competition, see what needs to be done to beat the opposition and then adapt to the environment, whatever it is.
  Obviously Romney understands what it means to compete in a sweaty, elbow banging nasty work place.
  In that sense, I don't believe he has yet begun to fight. His business background is in ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT and that's certainly what the country needs right now.
  And he's smooth enough to have a wholesome family appeal, sans the bitter acrimony of a history of Rev. Wrights and Rahm Emanuel.
  In short, though Obama is an adaptable Chicago thug, Romney didn't become the wealthy successful businessman he is without having the ability to change tactics when the landscape requires it. Certainly his campaign (and even the stupid party Republicans) have been very fast on the draw with responses to the ridiculous Democrat attacks.
  We'll watch this unfold.
  Once the summer is somewhat spent, it'll be let loose.
  We hope. If not.
  It truly is BEYOND hypocrisy that the Obamabots are criticizing and mocking Romney's fundraisers in the Hamptons, where Obama has raised twice as much money and frolicked every summer.
  So it's okay for Obama to summer there, but when Romney has a fundraiser there, it's suddenly the playground of the spoiled rich?
  Pot meet kettle.


  1. When I first saw Romney on that ski jet I though he was trying to connect with the middle/ working class then the pundits acted as if it was polo pony. A Google search finds a one passenger jet for $7899 new. Okay he was on a two passenger jet but even that was probably half the cost of a Harley. I'm not into ski jets but I would rate them pretty much with 4 wheelers and snowmobiles as far as being toys of the rich and famous.

  2. But he let his wife drive. Smart. Plus she's his best asset.