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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obama's thug tactics started early

  H/T Weasel Zippers, this video is from 2008 and explores the way Obama won his first race. As a community organizer in Chicago who had registered thousands of new voters under the banner of "hope and change," Obama's methods once he decided to run for office were decidedly opposite that supposed generosity of spirit and social justice.
  Instead he employed vicious and dishonest methods to achieve his goals, just as he does now. In that first run for office, Obama had his opponents disqualified from even being on the ballot by filing all sorts of arguments against the names on his opponents'  election ballots, including disqualifying a name because the person who gathered it was unregistered to vote.
  The video report below is confusing to me. Why a party would tolerate this sort of thing is mystifying. Why would you let qualified candidates be bumped out of running because an upstart claimed there was something wrong with signatures when, in reality, those signatures were valid but had some minor discrepancy, like one disqualified signer who "got married after she registered to vote and signed her maiden name?" Or signatures that were printed instead of in cursive were also disqualified.
  This is interesting in light of the colorful Thaddeus McCotter's strange resignation from his seat in the House because his staff did not gather enough valid signatures for his reelection bid.
  While CNN refers to this as "Chicago style politics" as if that is an amusingly cynical way to do business, it appears more to be simply fraud, deceit and thuggery. Why would a news organization like CNN simply accept this as the way business is done, rather than latch on to the dishonesty of the methods the way they would if Obama were a Republican. I already know the answer to that, of course. 
  Instead CNN simply refers to the Obama tactics as "hardball."
  At any rate, this 2008 report deserves watching, though CNN quickly deserted its post in reporting anything objective, mysterious or honest about Barack Hussein Obama.

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