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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

French preezy lowers retirement age, whines about previous a dmi

  Sound familiar? 
  As much as I didn't like some of W Bush's policies, you didn't hear him griping about the hand he'd been dealt or the flagrant policies of past presidents and administrations. Of course, Dems would say that's because Clinton left such a wonderful legacy to the next guy, though, if you'll recall, it was DIVIDED government that did that, in addition to the fact that Clinton knew and cared which way the political winds were blowing.
  So we have this whiner in office who can't accept responsibility for any of his actions, who blames the previous admin for everything, who verbally and administratively viciously attacks those who disagree with him in any way ("I'm sensitive about my ears.") and we think we've got it bad over here.
  It's been quite a while since we've admired the French; that fact certainly isn't changing soon. They've elected a hardline socialist whose first moves included reducing the retirement age to 60, without regard to cost.
  Now, in the fine honored socialist whiner tradition, he too is blaming the previous administration for the mess he's been left, and the hard realization that, dang it, there's just no more money and we spend too much. The National Post reports that the finance director Migaud has some sour news for Monsieur Hollande, who recently took office.

At a press conference laden with gloom, Mr. Migaud noted the budget situation left behind by Mr. Sarkozy was worse than the new government had expected. It’s an old trick of new governments to throw up their hands in shock once they take office and get a look at the books. Right on cue, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault issued a statement making clear that it would be Mr. Sarkozy’s fault if the new administration is forced to abandon the promises it made on the campaign trail. 
“The state of the public finances left by the last government makes determined correctional action necessary,” he said.
  Note that this stands though progress had been "made last year in cutting the deficit," which would have been, of course, on Sarkozy's watch. Instead, Hollande is shocked, shocked, that his plans to avoid "austerity measures" simply will not work and there is a price to be paid for all the lush benefits of being a French citizen.
  Note also that during his campaign, Hollande promised "new 'ope for zee world," not unlike the campaign promises that were made in this country by a certain politician. " my mission," the Socialist cried, and change French citizens are going to get. 
  Meaning more debt, a flurry of ex-patriates and junk status.
  These guys never learn.

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