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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catholic Bishops Standing Extremely Strong Against HHS Mandate

How serious do the Catholic bishops view Obama's war on religion? As serious as a heart attack. Cited in the Carroll Standard Cardinal Francis George of Chicago wrote;

"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square,”

Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, reflecting on Cardinal George’s words in a column of his own, conceded there might be “some hyperbole” in them, but warned Americans not to dismiss them “too quickly. The “highest levels of our federal government,” Bishop Sheridan said, are trying to push a “Communist understanding of ‘freedom'” on Americans of faith.
“While there may be some hyperbole to Cardinal George’s predictions, they should not be dismissed too quickly,” wrote Bishop Sheridan. “Attempts to push religion out of any meaningful place in public discourse are already being made--and at the highest levels of our federal government. The language of “freedom of religion” is being morphed into an affirmation of “freedom of worship.” It is freedom of worship that we are promised will be upheld by our government officials. In other words, it will certainly be permissible for citizens to pray in their churches or synagogues, but expressions of faith--especially when these are brought to bear on public policy--will not be welcome."
“This was the Communist understanding of 'freedom' when it came to people of faith,” wrote Bishop Sheridan. “There were a number of Christian church buildings that remained open in Moscow during the reign of Communism in Russia; and expressions of faith within the walls of those churches were tolerated. But any attempt to teach the faith or live it in the public square was met with harsh rebuke.”
I would suggest that the majority of Catholic bishops have fallen out of love with the Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. The irony is they were Obama's strongest supporters and while the loss of their support maybe troubling to many down ballot Democrats they are apt to find it is nothing when compared to incurring their wrath. The Carroll Standard post is a must read!

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