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Saturday, March 8, 2014

For POTUS, another working weekend

  While it's true wherever a POTUS is his work is, we've noted on several occasions that our current POTUS seems to have an aversion to, well, actually working. (Well, ok, it's more than several but we've never pretended to be completely objective.)
  He's played golf 163 times so far during his presidency, which averages out to something like every 11 days even in winter. Each outing of golf takes 4-5 hours. He also really, really likes his movies, tv shows, concerts and numerous fundraisers and rallies where his fans repeatedly scream, faint and fall over. (UPDATE: Golfing with celebrities.)
  This weekend he's at a fancy place in Key Largo, so we imagine the number 163 will go up by 2 or 3 more, in spite of the various "crises" overseas.
  Apparently the misbehaving infidels overseas don't know they're not supposed to disrupt Obama's vacations.
  Anyway Keith Koffler has made it a practice to daily document Obama's work schedule and, believe me, a retiree wouldn't mind that schedule, considering the perks that go along with his "job."
  Indeed, our esteemed POTUS went missing the night the whole Ukraine thing blew up while the national security council met to discuss the "crisis," just as he disappeared the night 4 men were in the process of being murdered in Benghazi.
  Yet you must, rest easy, my friends, because we've been assured he's always in contact with the underlings.
  Koffler notes drily that the minions were out in full force on Air Force One (documented to cost almost $230,000 an hour to operate--thank GOODNESS Michelle decided to fly down to Florida with her husband rather than three hours earlier as she has a habit of doing!!) defending how daggone busy Obama has been this week, as he heads for yet more golfing.
Well, Mark, as you’ve been covering the President this week, you know that he has had a very robust schedule of consulting with President Putin a couple of times this week, that he has had a number of conversations with Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel, and other foreign leaders — Prime Minister Abe just last night.  He has been able to do all of that without interrupting what has otherwise been a pretty busy schedule for him this week — during a snow day in Washington, D.C., during the rollout of the President’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget . . .
I think the point is that the President over the course of a very busy week has maintained his schedule and his ability to monitor ongoing events in Ukraine.  I would anticipate that he’ll do the same thing this weekend.  And the fact of the matter is what the President is doing this weekend in Florida is essentially what the President will be doing if he stayed back at the White House.  It’s just that the weather will be a little warmer.
  As for me, I have no doubt Obama will be doing exactly the same thing he'd be doing if he stayed back at the White House. 
  But, hey! I got no R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Or is it spelled with only one E?? I can't remember.

UPDATE: It seems a number of American "security" personnel are having another vacation this year. The Hill:
The White House spokesman also said it was not unusual for the president, vice president, secretary of State and national security adviser to all be out of the nation's capital. John Kerry and Susan Rice are traveling on business, while Vice President Biden is visiting the Virgin Islands for his second vacation there in three months.

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  1. Is it just me or wouldn't a white president be called a racist if he dis-RSPECTed Aretha like that? And what about all that golf and absences during critical situations? Oh, I forgot, this is the smartest ad coolest president we have ever had. Pretty smart until you ask him about his whereabouts, website or world view... eh not so smart.