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Monday, March 17, 2014

Sen. Schumer call home! NY Senate nixes in state tuition for illegals

When we last heard from Sen. Schumer he was advancing the notion that either the House GOP get in line and pass so called immigration reform or Obama would implement his version through dictatorial fiat. It's time to call home, Chuckie. Just hours ago the New York Senate shot down, in cold blood, that state's version of the Dream Act. Thirty Democrat senators voted for the bill which needed 32 votes to pass. Only 29 senators voted against the bill all of them Republicans except for two rebel Democrats, one from Rochester and the other from Brooklyn. The bill would have granted in state tuition rates to illegal immigrants.
“Illegal immigration is illegal,” said Sen. Greg Ball, (R-Putnam), in a statement. “Providing tuition assistance to those that are here illegally is simply unreasonable. We have millions of New Yorkers wondering how they heck they are going to pay for student loans and help their children go to college. Meanwhile, legislators in Albany want to use taxpayer dollars to fund college tuition for illegal aliens. The DREAM Act is a slap in the face to hardworking New Yorkers and immigrants that are here legally, paying taxes and doing it the right way.”

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