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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Arizona has the 2 worst polling senators in the country

I guess we already knew it intuitively but never thought about it much but Arizona voters seem prone to elect officials they don't like. The latest PPP poll finds the Grand Canyon State has the two most unpopular senators in the country. John McCain's job approval rating is 30 favorable and 54 unfavorable. As bad as that may be it's better than the junior Senator Jeff Flake. Only 27% of poll respondents approved of the job Flake is doing while 47% disapprove.
And absence does not make the heart grown fonder. Fifty-two percent have an unfavorable opinion of former Governor, Former DHS Secretary Janet ( Butch ) Napolitano while 36% harbor a favorable opinion of the of her. The good news for John McCain is when he is matched head to head with Butch he wins 44% to 36%.
The poll only matched Hillary against 3 potential GOP opponents. Hillary loses to Jeb Bush 44% to 45% but beats Chris Christie 44% to 41% and beats Mike Huckabee 47% to 41%.

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