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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Illinois voter turnout was abysmal

If primary voter turnout is indicative of the fall election then the future is indeed bleak for Democrats. Voter participation in Chicago hit a record low. A mere 7.3% of registered voter voted in the City of the Big Shoulders. Admittedly there was little interest in the Democratic Governor or Senate elections as in both races the incumbents, Pat Quinn and Dick Durbin were unopposed or faced minimal competition but here were down ballot races that were contested and some Democrats urged the party faithful to vote for Dillard in the GOP primary for governor. Dillard was favored by some public sector unions.
The apathy was not uniform. CBS 2 in Chicago offered this breakdown by age. From about 103,000 votes cast
75 & up 17,506
65 to 74 23,418
55 to 64 24,906
Less than 19,000 voters under age 45 went to the polls. So much for the youth vote. Here are the statewide total for governor.

Governor GOP - Primary -- 10,073 of 10,130 precincts reporting (99%)
Bruce Rauner 325,792 40%
Kirk Dillard 302,920 37%
Bill Brady 122,762 15%
Dan Rutherford 61,447 8%
Total vote cast 812,921

Governor Dem - Primary -- 10,083 of 10,130 precincts reporting (100%)
Pat Quinn 314,085 72%
Tio Hardiman 122,868 28%
Total vote cast 436,953

Even if we put Dillard's entire vote in the Democrat column the Republicans have the larger turnout.

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