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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Dark Side of Portlandia

  I'm a big "Portlandia" on IFC fan, partly because it's the only comedy show where liberals make fun of liberals and partly because many of the skits reflect reality, such as when an environmentally conscious couple query in detail the ethical character of the farmers who raised the chicken they are about to consume or when one fellow visits a halfway house for retired chickens. 
  But "Laughing at Liberals" has uploaded a shocking video of anarchists marauding through Portland, overturning recycling bins, breaking windows and shouting invectives at the police. Demanding "no justice, no peace," these anarchists (whose goals are often simply to create chaos,) in this protest have unclear goals. LAL says:
Windows smashed out, garbage dumped in streets, public transportation blocked, and attempts to shut down the free press were all part of the "March Against Police Brutality" in Southeast Portland, March 15h, 2014, as several black bloc anarcho collectivists took the streets to, uhh, well, I'm still not quite sure what their motives were.
  Here's the video, hopefully not coming to a town near you. One might reflect that this is what happens in a society where the social contract has broken down. It's not that these people necessarily have been deprived of the riches of a capitalist nation: it's that they're not willing to conform to social norms. One might also suggest that what you see below is the flowering of academia's push to kill western civilization. Who doesn't remember, "Hey, hey, ho, ho! Western Civ has gotta go?"

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