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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cuomo sides with Moskowitz and the charter schools

Eva Moskowitz took her fight to Albany along with several thousand students and parents. She came home with Bill de Blasio's head on a stick. Moskowitz shut down all 22 of schools she oversees and bused many of the student and their parents to the state capital to save the charter schools. Prior to the protest rally Governor had remained neutral and perhaps Sandinista Bill thought he could bring him around to his way of thinking. He was in Albany to promote his plan, the expansion of pre-K, and he was  wrong about Cuomo's sympathies. He had referred to the Moskowitz rally as a side show as he apparently viewed it as a mindless distraction from his brilliant plan to further dumb down future generations into to third world literacy levels. He had an important role to play. The bitch was he came in after the epilogue.
The governor addressed Moskowitz and her flock; “We are here today to tell you that we stand with you,” Mr. Cuomo said. “You are not alone. We will save charter schools.”
Did you hear that, Bill? The governor thinks you're a heartless dork.
Education is not just another industry, the governor told them, and he's right. Now get your ass back to NYC and see if you can at least keep the streets plowed during the next snow storm.

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