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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Where are the Democrats?

Where are the Democrats. I monitored the Texas primary vote throughout the evening hoping that Kesha Rogers would run well enough to at least force a run off in the Democratic primary for senator. I got my wish. While looking at the vote totals I noticed Greg Abbot's vote total was well more than double that of Wendy Davis. In the senate race the disparity was even more pronounced with Rep. Steve Stockman running well behind Cornyn with about 19% of the Republican vote. Looking at the vote totals he was ahead of David Alameel, the front runner on the Democrat side.
W. Davis 79% 429,025 G. Abbot 91.5% 1,208,744
R. Madrigal 21% 114,181 L. Fritsch 4.4% 58,140
All Others
All Others 4.1% 54,044
100% 543,206 100% 1,320,298

D. Alameel 47% 235,704 J. Cornyn 59.4% 771,935
K. Rogers 21% 108,868 S. Stockman 19.2% 247,425
All Others 32% 155,823 All Others 21.4% 278,664
100% 500,395 100% 1,298,051
For some reason Texas voters are more interested in electing a governor than a senator. Notice the differences in the totals but more importantly more than twice as many Republicans voted than Democrats. There will be more interest in the fall elections and of course real independents do not vote in primaries.
In 2010 Rick Perry got 2,737,481 out of 4,979,870 votes cast. It was a midterm election and definitely a wave year for the Republicans. On would expect the total vote would about the same this fall. Ted Cruz won in a presidential year with a much heavier voter turnout. Ted Cruz won 4,440,137 votes out of 7,864,822 cast. In any event it's fair to say that the Republican are on the right side of the enthusiasm gap.

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