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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kesha Rogers has Democrats in panic

Kesha Rogers has caught Texas Democrats off guard. Statewide polling has been sparse but the latest poll which I cited in another post had her at 35%, well ahead in the 5 candidate pack. The latest spin is Rogers is winning because of name recognition. She ran for congress in both 2010 and 2012 but Texas has 36 congressional districts. How many people remember the name of a congressional also ran in a race at the other end of the state two years later?
Roger has tapped into an anti Obama revolt and party leaders know it. Perennial candidate Keith Russell Judd, a convict serving time in a federal pen, pulled 42% of the Democratic vote in the 2012 in West Virginia against Obama. David Alameel, who must be the wealthiest dentist in Texas has put $3.5 million of his own money in the race and trails Roger by 8 points. He also has the endorsement of Wendy Davis but getting votes must be like pulling teeth. Texas Democrats have tried to disown Rogers by passing a resolution that reads, "Texas Democratic Party will have no relationship with the campaign of any person identifying him or herself as aligned with the LaRouche Movement or Lyndon LaRouche." They have also put out a "fact sheet" apparently with little result. Tomorrow may be a dark day in Texas.
The winning candidate must pull 50% of the vote or the top two vote getters are paired in a run off


  1. Go Kesha. She is the only candidate that offers actual leadership on the drought, the economy, a looming war with Russia, the development of nuclear fusion, the revival of NASA, and the science behind the development of the general welfare. She includes everyone, even stupid Democrats. The only problem with the fact sheet put out by the Democratic Party is that there aren't any facts on it regarding who Lyndon LaRouche actually is. I think it's time the press did their homework on this issue. Then maybe the public would start trusting them again.

  2. Looking over the "fact sheet", it gives five platform stances for Kesha:
    1. Obama must be impeached, forced to resign, or otherwise legally removed.
    2. Glass-Steagall must be reinstated, bankrupting Wall Street and ending its genocidal reign of terror.
    3. American credit must be made available, through Constitutional methods, for relaunching productive work on a mass scale.
    4. Classical culture must be revived, to reawaken in everyday Americans a realistic optimism about the future.
    5. Tens of millions of productive jobs must be launched, in a nationwide mobilization to immediately solve the real crises we face, due to Wall Street created shortages, of especially, agriculture, energy, water, space defense, and new resource development.

    Then it states that the Democratic Party doesn't endorse her. This is not a particularly compelling statement, especially since the platform planks are all great!!! It's more of a good reason to demand better leadership in the Democratic Party. And voting for Kesha is the best way to do that.

  3. Well, she's one of the top two so you got your wish. One can only hope "change" will come from inside the Democrat party. I don't think there are any free thinking, liberty minded Democrats left.