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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do it for the children

I need but four words to write down Mayor Bill de Blasio: Son-of-a- bitch.
Yes, Tea Party politicians and Tea Party bloggers can be intemperate because they speak and write with passion. That is not an excuse; merely an explanation. We may be hot headed but we are not mean people. We don't mouth platitudes such as "a society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable" and then kick the most vulnerable to the curb. We celebrate success and we extol upward mobility when it is rooted in individual achievement. The coldly calculated decision by the Sandinista Mayor of New York City to shut down the city's charter schools is patently immoral and it is mean. De Blasio is a mean person. He is not hot headed but rather a cold and craven lackey of the city's teacher's union. He is calculating, cold blooded, and despicable. I don't condone class warfare but I can understand it. It's envy based to be sure but politician have historically been wont to take from the rich and ostensibly to give to the poor. But to take from the poorest of the poor to give to the middle class is sinfully wrong. It's not the money de Blasio is stealing; he is stealing a generation's future.
No matter what our critics may say about us they cannot deny that we have consistently advocated in favor of charter schools and for that we can stand proud.
 I borrowed this video from Harlem's Success Academy. These are the children who will pay a very dear price for de Blasio's cheap hypocrisy and his subservience to the public sector employee unions who got him elected. Perhaps his Honor, and I use that title facetiously, will want to have a little ceremony on the steps of city hall where he accepts the symbolic thirty pieces of silver.

In this Success Academies charter school in Harlem, which shares a location with a conventional public school, 88% of its students passed the state math test compared to 5% in the conventional school. Seventy-three percent of students are on the free or reduced pay lunch program. Ninety-two percent are black or Hispanic. It ranks in the top 1% statewide in math and the top 7% in English. Not too bad for poor minority kids! Now they have no future and that is a sin.
Three cheers for income inequality!


  1. You hit the nail on the head. De Blasio is not just a rotten mayor, he is a rotten human being. Remember when many, if not most, liberals were good people who meant well but were largely misinformed? I could point to my immediate family for examples. The well-intended liberal is long gone, replaced by leftist thugs like the mayor, the president, the Senate Majority Leader (standing up to those lying uninsured cancer victims. What a man!) and on and on and on. If the issue is energy, education, guns, crime, wage regulation, quantitative easing or a score of other topics, the party of the elite shows an ongoing indifference--if not hostility--to society'a most vulnerable.
    This is not your father's Democratic Party.

    1. Yeah I wonder how Dad would vote if he was alive. I wonder how our sisters and cousins still vote. This de Blasio action is positively immoral. He never once visited any of the schools, never spoke to the parents. He is just evil. How can you treat people like that?