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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Montana birthers?

Some would say that the birthers are grasping at straws but Montana Democrats are serious as a heart attack on this subject. They want Congressman Steve Daines to release his birth certificate because he was born in-can you believe it? California. Oh no, not California! And he seemed like such a nice man.
The state party put out a press release that reads in part;
The Montana Democratic Party today called on Congressman Steve Daines, who claims in his latest TV ad to be a “fifth-generation Montanan,” to clear up confusion about his roots by releasing his birth certificate...“The Congressman is so desperate for ties to Montana that he’s confused the facts and himself,”...“No matter what generation Congressman Daines claims to be, he’s a stranger to both the facts and Montana values – and Montanans deserve the truth,” said Bryce Bennett, a fifth generation Montanan. “Montanans can’t afford a Washington politician who thinks he can get away with fooling the people he’s supposed to represent.”
At issue is a statement that Daines made that he was a fifth generation Montanan. That statement was made in 2002 but one must assume no fact can be left unchecked in Big Sky country. Daines' great, great, grandmother's grave can be located in Montana but that's not good enough. In 1962 Daines' father could not find work in Montana so he took his pregnant wife with him to California to find work. They moved back the following year and Steve grew up and went to school in Montana but it is true Steve Daines was born in California. Yes, grasping at straws! Daines is Montana's at large Congressman and was elected in 2012 when he faced the same electorate he will in November winning 53% to 42%. This silliness is a result of Liz Cheney's aborted primary campaign for a senate seat from Wyoming. Cheney was born in Wyoming but has lived in Virginia since she was 12.

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