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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scott Brown steps into New Hampshire senate race

Scott Brown has taken the first step toward entering the New Hampshire Senate race. The former Senator from Massachusetts has left Fox News and begun forming an exploratory committee. Brown was endorsed by the Tea Party when he ran for the Senate in Massachusetts but he proved to be an unreliable conservative vote. Originally elected to stop passage of Obamacare he has the credibility to run full square against it. Although he lost his Senate seat in Massachusetts in 2012 to Elizabeth Warren by 8 percentage points, he has maintained high favorability ratings.
Indicative of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's weakness is the the size of the Republican primary field. In addition to Brown former Sen. Bob Smith, former state Sen. Jim Rubens, and conservative activist Karen Testerman, have announced for the seat as Republicans. Brown's strongest suit is his ability to raise money. In his race 2012 against Elizabeth Warren he raised $28,159,602. To put that in perspective in an apple to oranges albeit compelling comparison Shaheen raised $8,879,307 in her 2008 senate run. If nothing else Brown will give national Democrats heartburn at the prospect of having to fund one more expensive race in its attempt to hold the Senate.

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