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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Powerful women unite to scold their inferiors

  So for the last week I have patiently tolerated the admonition of the Left to disabuse myself of the desire to use the word "bossy" in reference to women.
  "Bossy" is hurtful for women, we're told because women get hurt by being viewed as aggressive, as opposed to the assertive male.
  I was disappointed to see Condoleezza Rice as part of the ridiculous campaign; you sort of expect Leftist women to be part of it because they're always about censorship and the heavy hand of conformity to achieve their goals.
   The originator of this ban is one Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook big shot worth gazillions who is also possessed of some pretty sharp elbows. Sandberg and her "Lean In" organization (which includes the hard core Leftist Girl Scouts CEO) feel that it is hurtful to leadership development of little girls when they're called bossy, partly because little boys' acts of leadership are encouraged, whereas little girls' are put down, *put down* oppressed by the man....
  We can get to this equation by denying the natural differences between males and females and the qualities that manifest themselves even when they're tiny.
  Leftists, of course, would like to erase those differences. We're all just people but society doesn't encourage females.
  Like hell, it doesn't.
  That's all girls get, it seems to me, is encouragement, while boys are the ones in the office (for good reason, most times), told to be quiet, to sit down. Who's the primary focus of child medication? Boys or girls?
  A ten year old article in USA Today explores the differences between the coddling girls get as opposed to the prescriptions boys get for "success":
Recent federal testing data show that what starts out as a modest gap in elementary-level reading scores turns into a yawning divide by high school. In 12th grade, 44% of girls rate as proficient readers on federal tests, compared with 28% of boys. And while boys still score slightly higher on federal math and science exams, their advantage is slipping.
Most startling is that little is being done to correct the imbalances. All of the major players — schools, education colleges and researchers — largely ignore the gender gap. Instead of pursuing sound solutions, many educators merely advocate prescribing more attention-focusing Ritalin for the boys, who receive the drug at four to eight times the rate of girls, according to different estimates. "Too often the first reaction to an attention problem is 'Let's medicate,' " says Rockville, Md., child psychologist Neil Hoffman. "Some schools are quick to recommend solutions before they've fully evaluated the problem."
  But it's so easy to lean in to the whole War on Women shtick.
  They make me sick, to be honest. Perpetuating the ridiculous paradigm that if we only coddle girls into believing in themselves, then they'll become great leaders is absurd, inaccurate and, frankly, unfair to these entitled little princesses.
  My own suspicion is that the Leftist person who started this whole ridiculous campaign is actually using it politically to get back at someone who criticized her once. 
  Imagine carrying a grudge that long. Imagine getting it into your privileged, pampered, fabulously wealthy perfume soaked brain that calling girls "bossy" will somehow mar them for life.
  Women have catty--a still unbanned word--ways of getting back at people with whom they are displeased.
  The war on Western civilization continues.
  Selfish, rich, beautiful, powerful women unite!!!


  1. Isn't it the epitome of "bossy" to forbid using word "bossy?"

    And as personal proof of the gender gap, the only teacher in my son's elementary education years to treat him and his active personality as "normal" was his 4th grade teacher who just happened to be a mother of 5 boys. Imagine that.

    1. I've seen the same things, over and over. Then when you think they called Romney bossy over 40 times...well. They're all hypocrites who want to control everyone's lives. Thanks for your comment.

  2. It's funny the nuns who taught in every school I ever attended and who lived in female only convents never fell into this line of thinking. Quite the opposite. They would tease boys with threats to tell their mothers to make them wear a dress. Boys who skinned a knee or incurred some other minor injury were told to act like soldiers and toughen up.

    1. I'm at a point where I feel like telling girls to man up and act like soldiers. Girls are such babies these days. Boys are either drugged or wimps. All in a "Lean Forward" day's work.