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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Republican Jolly wins in Florida

  A special election in Florida to replace deceased Republican Bill Young was being closely watched today for its tentacles to the Obamacare train wreck. 
  David Jolly, Republican, has won.
  He was running against Alex Sink, the Democrat candidate who suggested that immigration is needed because Americans need lawn caretakers and maids. She supported Obamacare, saying it need to be overhauled but not repealed. Jolly supports repeal and ran against Obamacare during his campaign.
 Though the Tampa area district had been in Republican hands for years, Obama won it in both contests.
  Rand Paul publicly supported Jolly while Bill Clinton campaigned for Sink.
  Sink outspent Jolly by 3-1 on television ads. 
  This election was considered a "must win" for Democrats.
UPDATE: I should have originally mentioned that the Libertarian candidate pulled almost five percent, which indicates that this indeed was a blowout against Alex Sink, as Hoosierman has indicated. 

  In a completely unrelated event, it was revealed that the woman whose 6 year dead mummified body was discovered in her Jeep in Detroit voted in the 2010 gubernatorial contest between Snyder and Verg Bernero. 
  Though the dead often manage to vote in Democrat contests, Snyder pulled one out in that contest.

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