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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet Lee Whitnum - another new kind of Democrat

One would think that after two generations of the corrupt Dodd family Connecticut voters would be beyond embarrassment for their political class. Maybe they are but the Nutmeg State Democrat Party has yet to exhaust its wealth of low life meshuggeners. Meet Democrat Lee Whitnum candidate for governor. Aside from being rabidly anti Israel, some would say anti Semitic, the 53 year old perennial candidate brings some conspicuously personal insights into the workings of the state's criminal justice system. Last year, she was charged with second-degree stalking, second-degree harassment and disorderly conduct after prosecutors say she contacted the judge presiding over her acrimonious divorce in state Superior Court in Stamford at the judge's home. Whitnum said in a news release and telephone message last weekend that the charges were dropped. That assertion is open to debate, however.
Normally I would be tempted to simply dismiss this dingbat out of hand but Dapper Dan Malloy "the metrosexual governor, slim and bespoke, with snazzy expensive eyeglasses and coiffed hair" struggles to reach 40% in the polls. Aside from making criminals out of a sizable number of gun owning voters with an over reaching registration law that is being ignored by almost everyone Malloy has a wife who really should, for the sake of his career, keep her mouth shut. The First Lady appears to think state law is sexist because while it will allow her husband a chauffeur it does not visit the same munificence on his hard working spouse.
“One of the things about public life, whether they’re Republican or Democrat, is that people do not appreciate people in public life the way they should. They beat their politicians up every day, and this is a huge problem. Not only do we get beat up, our children get beat up. It’s a tough business,” she said.
“In April I drove to work and I forgot to put my seat belt on, and I was pulled over by police. Of course, they had no idea who I was because I drive this really shitty car, and they didn’t believe that I was the governor’s wife in this shitty car. And I was driving myself, because of course, governor’s wives only get security when we’re with our husbands. We’re pretty second-class without them.
Moving beyond the First Lady's eloquence, Whitnum does not stand a chance in hell of winning the Democratic nomination but she can certainly bring untoward attention to the race. In 2008 she sued Malloy for slander after he publicly admonished her for her harsh criticism of Israel and characterized her comments as anti-Semitic. To protect himself from future suits the governor deems frivolous Malloy was able persuade a judge to place a restraining order against Whitnum.
In 2012 Whitnum, while running in the Democratic primary for senator, in a momentary lapse into her true nature she called fellow candidate Chris Murphy "a whore" during a televised debate earning her a public rebuke from State Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. As I said, I think Connecticut voters are beyond embarrassment.

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