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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why, oh, why Daylight Saving Time?

  I've had more than one friend grumble--with no mention of myself--that Daylight Saving Time is a regular pain in the derriere.
  Today we enjoy the fruit of the bounty of "springing" ahead.
  Being somewhat woodenheaded, I had not realized that this move up this early in so-called "Spring" has been going on since 2007.
  This is the result of an energy saving bill passed in 2005, the purpose of which appears to be the pursuit of unicorns, rainbows and the Utopia our elected politicians so desire. Powerline has some bitter history of the passage of the "energy" saving bill which hasn't appeared to save any energy.
Advocates such as Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey, who co-sponsored the bill in the House of Representatives, said the plan is about more than just saving energy. Markey actually issued a press statement proclaiming: “In addition to the benefits of energy saving, less crime, fewer traffic fatalities, more recreation time and increased economic activity, daylight saving just brings a smile to everybody’s faces.” I’m not buying it.
  Not sufficient to ruin Halloween by having absolutely no need for glowing pumpkins or twinkling porch lights, the head monkeys in DC have now endeavored to also ruin Spring.

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