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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ukraine: no missile shield, no weaponry but we got a billion bucks!

   In 2009, Obama made a point to abolish the missile defense shield in Poland, a system that would have been helpful in defending Ukraine, as told in the British newspaper The Guardian?
The Americans have been pushing the two recent Nato and European Union members to take part in the controversial project since 2003. The central Europeans demonstrated loyalty, seeing the US as their indispensable security guarantor against a resurgent Russia.
Now they feel let down. For two of the most Atlanticist countries in Europe, the missile shield reversal could spell the end of their love affair with America.
  Nerves were on edge about Russia's aggressiveness in 2009; in spite of this, the Obama administration canceled the defense system:
The signs of estrangement between eastern Europe and the US have been bubbling away for months. Since the war between Russia and Georgia last year, the former Soviet satellites have been alarmed about Russian bullying and what they perceive as the west's reluctance to challenge the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin.
  In addition, Obama was instrumental in destroying many of the weapons and munitions that Ukraine had stockpiled to defend itself against Russian aggression. From The Daily Mail:
Two experts said the ammunition, particularly small-arms rounds, would have been useful to train Ukraine's armed forces and million-strong reserves.

'Vast stocks of conventional munitions and military supplies have accumulated in Ukraine,' Obama said in am August 30, 2005 statement from Donetsk. 'Some of this stockpile dates from World War I and II, yet most dates from Cold War buildup and the stocks left behind by Soviet withdrawals from East Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungry and Poland.'
'We need to eliminate these stockpiles for the safety of the Ukrainian people and people around world, by keeping them out of conflicts around the world.'
  And again at the Daily Mail:
Some of that was Ukraine's own doing – it sold 320 tanks to Pakistan in the 1990s, for instance – but Obama and Lugar accelerated the pace of the country's arms liquidation.
  Having utterly failed to defend Ukraine despite earlier promises and a removal of Ukraine's defense system, the US is now giving cash because this administration apparently feels that cash solves every problem. The one billion dollars is small potatoes, compared to his triple trillion dollar budget which will again be rejected, as in other years.
  It seems the lie of the year has burned more than Americans.

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