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Monday, March 10, 2014

Obama Jets to Key Largo-The Public be Damned

Demonstrating breathtaking irresponsibility in the matter of the Ukraine crisis, egregious contempt for the taxpayers, and a near pathological obsession for ostentatious consumption seldom seen since the reign of Louis XVI Obama and family left chilly Washington for sunny Florida's Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo where nightly accommodations run $2,500. It was Le Roi's third vacation of the year. Not to be out done Joe Biden jetted off to the Virgin Islands for the weekend leaving no elected executive in the capital to deal with the national emergency. This colossal subordination of the duties of state to personal wants and whims cause the public to question Obama's resolve in meeting previous executive challenges especially the raid on Benghazi and further embolden foreign adversaries by amply demonstrating decadent and detached leadership. The President of the United States does not give a damn what Putin may do or what the taxpayers may think. The man seems hell bent on emulating the worst qualities of Toronto Mayor Ford and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

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  1. Seriously. Is this Soros's Manchurian candidate or what. Seriously.