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Monday, March 10, 2014

Between golf outings, Obama goes on vacation

  We've noted on more than one occasion that Obama seems to be on perpetual vaca & party mode: like the third so far this year for the Obamas.
  Now we're not supposed to criticize Obama for fear of being called racists, but, hey, we're gonna be called out for just about every lame excuse anyway.
 We note he's planning a visit soon to India and she to China--for the children--in the next few days.
 In honor of and in between Obama's perpetual golf outings (if you're counting, we're at 165 in the presidency), we submit for your enjoyment, the following music video. *language warning*--if you happen to be a candy a$$ or at work.
 H/T one of our favorite blogs, White House Dossier.

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