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Thursday, March 13, 2014

David Jolly ran against Obamacare and won

From the same great phrase makers who gave us "we're madly for Adlai" we now have "mend don't end" the subject being Obamacare. Trite as it may seem this phrase is the Democrat's presumed solution to what will dog them in the fall elections, namely Obamacare and the accompanying expense and inconvenience it has visited upon million of angry voters. Good luck with that. The trouble is Obamacare is a web of lies and now the liars want a do over.
If solely for the sake of argument we entertain the notion that Obamacare is salvageable what parts are to be kept? Once we get past the no precondition and stay on your parents policy into early middle age parts everything else is like jackstraws. Move one straw and two or more move. Repealing the medical device tax which has some bipartisan support will cause a $30 billion shortfall over 10 years. Restore the funding looted from Medicare which is causing the cancellation of Medicare Advantage plans and that blows a $700 billion hole in the budget. Repeal the individual mandate? The administration is already about to do that or at least suspend it until 2016. It quietly redefined "hardship" as in the hardship exemption making almost anyone who had a policy that was cancelled free to opt out until after the 2016 election. Since the unhealthy are more prone to purchase insurance without the mandate eliminating mandatory coverage weakens the risk pool which in turn will drive up premiums even further.
Democrats say and stupid Republicans believe them, that most Americans want to keep a law that is more than 15 points upside down in the RCP average of polls. Really? Yes, mend don't end. David Jolly has given the Republicans the winning strategy. Make the Democrats provide the list of needed changes. Don't accept, "Congressman Dufus is working to make the ACA better" make Congressman Dufus explain how to make the ACA better. Republican should run on nothing less than unconditional repeal.

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  1. Hey, basically Obama has "repealed" this ludicrous destructive act already. He's blessing the next administration with its, um, administration.