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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Obama fiddles while economy burns

  Unlike Leftists, I don't begrudge wealthy people for their parties, fancy clothes and lavish vacations.
  I don't like the Obamas, but I don't even begrudge them their parties, fancy clothes and lavish vacations.
  Wait a second.
  Americans should put on great parties for our visitors, especially the president. It's part of the way things work in the world.
  But I keep hearing this record needle scratch every time I read about the Obamas' finger-in-your-eye excesses.
  Take the latest party, for example. Beautiful. 
  Yeah, but why an outside party in the dead of winter? An outside party so far away from the White House the guests need to take a trolley to get there. 
  This is a pattern of behavior with the current mobsters in the White House.
  The people in this country are suffering from lack of jobs, pinched budgets and fear of the future. 
  We are at war; the world is in an insufferable turmoil, much of it caused by this administration. 
  We are profoundly in debt, having just pushed that debt "limit" up even further.
  Uncle Sam's got osteoporosis, standing on fragile bones.
  And yet somehow this administration throws extraordinarily expensive parties for vacuous Hollywood celebrities. They take separate planes to Hawaii, costing millions of dollars to taxpayers. They even fly their dog separately on vacation, when necessary
  This is a pattern of behavior. 
  Obama mouths platitudes about some of the more desperate situations in the country--Benghazi murders, IRS harassment, Fort Hood "workplace violence", gunwalking to Mexico, the Obamacare debacle--and then promotes the very people who committed the crimes and insults, as if to say, "I'm President so I can do whatever I want."
  Now that's in step with the country, non?
  It's infuriating, which is exactly what these people want. They want us to be fearful, angry, frustrated and powerless.

  They want Americans to be dependent on the government, to watch the antics of The Capitol from afar, to feel as if we are in District 11, victims under the iron fist of our "rulers."
  It's just too bad there are so many incompetent boobs running the shows we're watching.
  Sebelius? Biden? Obama? Wow. They've made a complete mess.
  We've mentioned repeatedly the "optics" of flaunting such opulence in the face of economic crisis. It's all part of the plan.
  No one's asking them to not have fun, not have parties or serve the kind of gruel most of us out here eat.

  But seriously? The added expense of heating a tent in February?
  Meh. I guess when you're wearing a $12,000 dress you need the appropriate backdrop. 
  And that's a purty big-ass dress, ain't it?

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