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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leftists going craaaaaaazzy

  You're probably aware Facebook has changed its terms for gender identification.
  Confused? You can browse a helpful list of explanatory terms and definitions here. Slate has done a great deal of research into these terms, which include "Two Spirit" and "FTM."
  Quite frankly, these terms are absurd but it appears to be in response to the Leftist trend of pushing the boundaries of society (Oh, for the bare feet/jeans boundary pushers) and attempting to offend anyone who isn't on board with MIley Cyrus's tongue licking a huge foam finger on international television.
  We caught a whiff of what was coming when a young friend posted something about being "privileged" by being "cisgendered," which immediately sent me scuttling to
  If you've been watching tv at all, you also know that just about every program has been pushing the gay agenda, including acceptance of "trans-gendered" folks. 
  Criminy, if you've been to Home Depot you may have wandered into a transgendered person staring you down in the screw aisle. 
  Another currently fashionable trend is for persons (often appearing to be female by birth) to dress as a sort of unidentifiable gender, manifested by partially shaved head, piercings, plaid shirt and baggy jeans, and accentuated by the bold, unrepentant, piercing stare.
  Another agenda currently being pushed is the global warming climate change global weirding meme.
  I guess the pushers figured since they lost on the first two terms, they'd better find new explanations that can fit any climate condition, such as when Bob Schieffer plaintively asked  " Is this a result of things that are happening here on Earth?"or when a meteorologist complained "we've forgotten how to be cold" because there are so few big storms because of global weirding.
  This climate gabbing was the result of a doggie press dutifully responding to a Democrat/Leftist temper tantrum that climate change has gone off the radar when they, dammit, need the issue of global warming climate change global weirding to get back on track because of the Obamacare  Law Affordable Care Act debacle failure to launch unraveling glitches.  
  (Update: Sebelius has described the nightmare website opener as a "soft launch.") 
  Add into the mix the unremitting avalanche of fear PSAs like the ones we hear on talk radio all the time, offset by the gauzy upbeat tv commercials about how great windmills are, disregarding how many birds they kill.
  Baby hasn't smiled yet? He might be autistic.
  A bit achy lately? Have you looked at the lupus website to see if you're a candidate?
  And do you know that 17 million children go to bed hungry every night? It's the food deserts, of course, (which have been proven to not exist), because America is a hard place to get food stamps, right? 
  This PSA runs on talk radio constantly, sometimes back to back, same ad, over and over, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's intentional to drive talk radio listeners (who tend to be conservative) insane
  Or there's the cute little jingle about getting rid of mold in your house.
  Or the cute little jingle about animals signing up for health care. (That link goes to the EPA website which in Firefox, at least, doesn't appear to be appropriately configured.)
  UPDATE: Let's not bypass the many person marches for impossible causes, which often appears to be a sort of spiritual replacement of a true religion.
  AND all those charges of micro-aggression, a gussied up name for when petty grievances appear to be, well, petty.
   My point is we're seeing what a world governed by Leftists looks like and it ain't pretty.
  But to keep that world governed by Leftists, I'm convinced that the psy-ops people Obama and his ilk have employed have also put into place a drumbeat of fear and terror to scare their opponents from talking about the reasons 71% of Obama voters regret having voted for him.
  Obviously health care has been weaponized, as exemplified by the IRS et al targeting of Tea Partiers who oppose the mess Leftists have made out of this economy and this nation.
  This would all be funny if it weren't so pathetic.
  They really screwed up health care; now they're pushing psychologists who are expert in behavior modification called "nudge teams" to convince you that you shouldn't notice. 
  That the economy is fine, booming. 
  That this mess is the fault of everyone but his people.
  And did you notice Kim Kardashian lost a few pounds? Wonder how she did it? Could we get her diet online?

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